Diane Hunter

Diane Hunter is currently a registered nurse and a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Pennsylvania, and nationally board-certi ed as a Diplomat of Acupuncture under the NCCAOM. Diane received her Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing from Temple University, and later received her Masters of Acupuncture degree from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies.

She currently practices two styles of acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element style and continues to study other style of acupuncture, such as Dr. Tung style acupuncture, Dr. Tan’s balanced method, Korean acupuncture and Japanese style acupuncture.

When necessary, She utilizes bodywork and massage therapy, Tui Na massage, trigger-point release, cupping, Gua Sha, electrical stimulation, and TDP heat therapy in her practice. Diane incorporates a holistic approach with her patients, which includes individualized treatment planning that is aimed at improving health and a sense of  well-being.

Diane is a caring compassionate person who understands physical and emotional pain. Her passion for acupuncture began after she received acupuncture treatments that relieved her chronic low back pain and her uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. Diane believes acupuncture should be incorporated into one’s lifestyle for preventative care purposes.