“Dr. Freedman is a wonderful doctor. I found her for my daughter after traditional medicine could only prescribe meds that were masking symptoms and causing other problems, because they didn’t have any more answers. I started to go home and shred them each time we left the doctors office. She is direct and will tell you what you need to know not necessarily what you want to hear (good or bad). She is honest and caring about her patients. We drive over an hour to see her and I have changed over to see her myself now. I will drive the hour for good care! She doesn’t prescribe meds to mask symptoms or just get through another day she recommends supplements to heal your body. Healing takes time, your body didn’t become ill overnight and it won’t be healed overnight..If you would rather have a quick fix pill than she is not your doctor. If you want to be healthy from the inside out, than Dr. Lisa B Freedman is the doctor you should come see. I rate her an A for life. If you go to the Dr. and they prescribe an antibiotic or heart pill how is that different than recommending and herbal supplement except the cost and the long term effect on the body..oh that’s right closed mindedness. As stated above if traditional meds are what you want and to mask your symptoms to just get by..than go elsewhere. Dr. Freedman wants to help you be your healthiest. That’s more no less..Hope this helps the new comers and maybe we’ll cross path’s in the waiting room someday. :0)”