Missy Pinola

“I came to Dr. Freedman looking for answers on why, over the course of about 6 months, I was feeling bloated and gaining weight. I thought maybe it may be my hormones out of whack. But the problem was mainly above my navel, My pants fit fine, but my shirts and sweaters were tight. Dr. Freedman listened to my problems and explained to me that it may be a food sensitivity issue. I had blood work done, (that day in her office!) and had the results back within 2 weeks. Dr. Freedman took the time to review my results and explain to me how the diet works. It was nice of her to tell me to call her anytime if I had any questions. I then started the 4-day Rotation Diet based on my individual results. It took about 3-4 days for me to understand how to eat the foods I was permitted to eat. It was actually all the foods I normally ate, just eating them in a different way; rotating them so I wasn’t eating the same food every day. My results were immediate. I couldn’t believe how better I felt. I lost 4 pounds within 4 days and the bloating had reduced tremendously. I have been on the program for 2 weeks now and I am still losing weight (about a pound every 2-3 days) and my stomach is flat. I would definitely recommend Dr. Freedman to anyone looking for answers regarding your hormone levels, bloating, weight gain and overall well being. She is compassionate about her job and wants the best outcomes for her patients!”